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Our app has been created especially for children who have difficulty in dropping off to sleep at bedtime and for their stressed parents!

The Time to Sleep Stories app is simple to use and has been designed to be extremely user friendly.
Nine Time to Sleep Stories are already available and new stories will be added every month.
Each 20 minute story can be listened to again and again. Your child will soon have their favourites. Each story is also available in book form.

Why Choose Us?

Sleep is essential to children’s health. Experts agree that children between the ages of 4-7 years should be getting 11-12 hours sleep a night. Sadly, this is not the case nowadays and ‘exhausted is the new normal’.

Hospital visits from children with sleep problems have tripled in the past 10 years. Across the developed world, children are sleeping less than previous generations and students in British schools are the most sleep deprived in Europe.

Children do not need any extra stimulation at bedtime and our Time to Sleep Stories can help children drift peacefully off to sleep using the power of their imagination – it’s just like magic!

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